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ReMix is a one-of-a-kind vocal camp designed to teach and inspire talented singers to further reach their potential in contemporary vocal music. Using the medium of a cappella, ReMix uses workshop-style classes, as well as preparing and filming professional music videos to create a true and complete music experience for camp participants.


What will the week be like?


At the beginning of the week, each ReMix participant will be placed into a "vocal team." Each vocal team will work together to learn various songs that will be professionally filmed as music videos at the end of the week. With the help of some of the a cappella industry's most talented experts, each participant will also have opportunities to choose from skill-specific classes and workshops to learn more about vocal technique, vocal blend, stage presence, solo singing, auditioning, vocal arranging, and more.


Our goal at ReMix is to give you the proper tools so that you can take the stage and entertain like a true professional. Improving both your vocal skills and performance skills is our number one priority.


To find out more about ReMix, check out the FAQs.


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Lexi Walker

Elisha Garrett

Jonathan Meyers

Alyssa Ash


2017 Opener - Unpack Your Heart

2016 Red Team - Crazy Little Thing

2018 ReMix Recap

2017 Closing Mashup

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