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Casual Clothes for 5 Days

Casual Clothes for 5 Days
-Comfortable pants or shorts that you can move in (knee length or longer)
-Shirts (no tanks, low cut or sheer tops)
-Comfortable shoes that you can do basic dancing in
-Pajamas and underclothes

Performance Clothes​

-Nice jeans that you can move in (no shorts, capris, big holes, or patches)
-Black or dark shoes that you can do basic dancing in (no sandals or open toes, white logos or soles fine)
-Basic makeup for girls (optional)
-We provide team shirts. Shirts are lighter weight (not sheer) so you may choose to wear an undershirt

Housing Needs​

Each room has two single beds, desks, clothes closet and mirrors. The bathrooms are public. A furnished linen packet includes sheets, towels, washcloth, pillowcase, pillow and blanket. 
-Extra Towel: There is only one towel change on Wednesday so you may want to bring an extra towel from home.

Other Items​

-WATER BOTTLE: It is VERY important to keep your voice hydrated!
-Personal toiletry items: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
-Personal medications such as ibuprofen, prescriptions, cough drops, etc.
-Emergency money: A small amount of money may be needed for snacks, incidentals, and emergencies.
-Journal and scriptures (if desired), and a pen or pencil. 
-Water Bottle
-Snacks: Lunch is served at noon and we break for dinner at 6pm. The rest of the day is completely filled with rehearsals and classes so you may want to carry a couple snacks with you during the day.
-Talent show materials (for those who participate), i.e. accompaniment, musical instruments, etc. Please be aware that ReMix cannot be responsible for lost or damaged instruments.

Medical Needs​

-The ReMix first aid kit is very minimal—containing only ibuprofen, Tylenol, bandaids, gauze, and ice packs. Please be aware that per BYU Policy, ReMix cannot provide braces, ace bandages, etc. If you require these items during the week and do not have access to them, you may be taken to receive a professional medical examination at your expense.
-If you have a medical history that may require items like knee braces, wraps, braces etc., bring yours just in-case! We do a lot of fun choreography and want you to be prepared.
-If you are on any prescription medications, PLEASE be extra responsible in bringing and taking these. We want you to be feeling your best at ReMix! 

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