Check-in will take place Monday morning from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon) at ReMix HQ in the BYU Conference Center. Please find detailed directions and parking instructions at Note: If you need to park your car at BYU all week, please park in visitor's spot in Conf. Center west lot.


Check-out will take place Saturday after the last concert at about 4:30 PM. All participants are required to check out with a counselor. Housing participants will receive additional instructions from their evening counselors on how to check out of the dorms. 


Monday-Friday we start at 9:00 AM and finish at 9:00 PM. Saturday we will be finished around 4:30 PM. Please be on time each day! In the evening, those staying in housing will be taken to their residence halls and commuters will need to be picked up from the Conference Center parking lot. All participants must check out with a counselor every night. Families, Friends and Fans: You are welcome to attend the concerts on Saturday but only participants are allowed to be at the Conference Center during the week. 


All ReMixers will perform in both concerts on Saturday. You can pick up your 2 complimentary tickets and purchase additional tickets ($10/ea.) at ReMix HQ on Friday or Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Tickets can not be picked up or purchased any other time during the week. Keep track of how many tickets you purchase/how many tickets your friends/family purchase. The participant selling the most tickets to the concert will an AMAZING prize! 


Lunch will be provided for all participants every day at ReMix. Those staying in housing will be given a meal card good for breakfasts and dinners at the Cannon Center. Commuter (driving) participants, you may either bring or buy dinner on a day-to-day basis on campus. Meals can range from $7 to $12.


If you are not feeling well, please speak with your Team Coach, Evening Counselor, or anyone on the ReMix Staff. 


Turn in found items to your Team Coach, evening counselor, or anyone on the ReMix Staff. The BYU Lost and Found is located at 1055 WSC. 


There is a ton of construction going on at BYU right now. Please stay away from construction zones. In addition to possible fines for trespassing, these areas can be extremely dangerous. Don’t risk being sent home. Stay away from the construction zones!





At ReMix, you will quickly learn that our entire cast is a family. As such, part of the ReMix culture is to look out for one another and cheer each other on. We aren’t about competing with other teams or putting people down. There is no place for that this week! As you go throughout the week, you’ll find your experience is more rewarding as you lift others up and help them enjoy their experience as well. So do your best to be positive and respectful, and encourage those around you to do the same as we all contribute to the amazing ReMix culture!


As a ReMix participant you are expected to attend all classes on your schedule. Please be where you are supposed to be at all times.


Please be considerate of the beautiful BYU campus. Do not liter, step on flower beds, climb trees, etc. Treat the things around you with appreciation. If you vandalize any part of the campus, you and your parents will be billed for the repairs. Also, please note that we are not to yell, sing, or rehearse in hallways. Save those voices for rehearsal and for the stage!Classroom Etiquette:Always show respect and be on time to all classes and activities. We encourage you to be at least five minutes early to everything.


As convenient as these things are, they can be an unwelcomed distraction to an instructor. Phone lights, beeps, ring tones, etc., should never interrupt any class or activity. It is disrespectful to be listening to music or answering a phone call or texting while in a class or during other ReMix activities. While we encourage the use of social media during your breaks, do not use your electronics during classes or workshops. If you use it or it rings during class and activities, it may be confiscated until the end of camp.


Just say no. We have a VERY low tolerance for those who play practical jokes on other ReMixers, staff, etc. Practical jokes usually involve humiliation and embarrassment of another person. You will find yourself on your way home if you participate. This includes water balloons/squirt guns/laser tag/etc. If you brought them, put them away for the duration of ReMix or they will be confiscated.