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Check-in will take place Monday morning from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (noon) at ReMix table in the Conference Center at BYU. DON'T BRING LUGGAGE IN FOR CHECK IN. You will drive to housing to drop off luggage afterwards. Check-out will take place Saturday after the last concert at about 5:00 PM at BYU-West (Old Provo High). All participants are required to check out with a coach. Early check-out is not an option. If you come to ReMix, you are expected to be in both concerts.

ReMixer Portal:

We have an online portal for participants! This exclusive portal will be an important tool to help keep you on track and connected during the ReMix week. The weekly schedule, team information, music files, social media, contact info, other important ReMix information–it will all be available through the portal. To login, go to and click Participant Login, Password: ReMix23

Daily Schedule:

Everyday we will start at 9:00 AM (other than Monday and Saturday) and finish at 9:00 PM (other than Saturday). Please be on time each day! In the evening, those staying in housing will be taken to their residence halls and commuters will need to be picked up from the parking lot just west of the Conference Center. All participants must check out with the assigned admin every night. Families, Friends and Fans are welcome to attend the concerts on Saturday but only participants are allowed to be at the Conference Center during the week.

IMPORTANT: Friday night pick-up and Satruday morning drop-off (8am) will take place at BYU-West! (1125 N University Ave, Provo)

Meal Money:

Lunch will be provided for both housing participants and commuter participants. Those staying in housing are given a meal card good for breakfasts and dinners. Commuter (driving) participants, you may either bring or buy dinner on a day-to-day basis on campus. Meals can range from $7 to $15. 
NOTE: Dinner Friday night will be provided for ALL participants as we will be rehearsing at BYU-West.

What to Wear:

Please wear clothes and shoes that allow you to be comfortable as you move and rehearse. For the ReMix Concert, we will provide your shirt. You will need to bring a pair of long denim jeans and black shoes (remember that you’ll need to comfortably move in whatever you bring). Since we are on BYU campus, we are asked to follow the BYU Honor Code (shorts and skirts must be knee-length and no sleeveless shirts, no bare midriffs, and no tank tops). Check out our suggested packing list at

Ticket Information:

Click here for the most updated Ticket Info

ReMix Music:

Music will be emailed about 2 weeks before camp. It is expected that all songs are memorized before you arrive on the first day of ReMix. Solo auditions will take place on the first day of ReMix.


We are here to help! Best way to reach us is emailing:
If you need to call or text: 801-709-1116

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