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Meltdown | Full Cast
Opb. Niall Horan 

Life is a Highway | Red Team

Opb. Rascal Flatts

Brand New | Orange Team

Opb. Ben Rector

Mirrors | Teal Team

Opb. Justin Timberlake

Pieces | Purple Team

Opb. Rob Thomas

The Nights | Black Team

Opb. Avicii

That Thing You Do | Staff

Opb. The Wonders

ABC | Yellow Team

Opb. The Jackson 5

There's a Place for Us | Blue Team

Opb. Carrie Underwood

Feel Again | Green Team

Opb. One Republic

Beatbox Feature

ReMix 2023 Mashup | Full Cast
Arr. Jonathan Meyers



Yellow Team | Coach by Christian Affleck

Bryn Benjamin

Mikayla Billings

Juliette Cook

Lydia Einerson

Logan Evans

Hansen Johns

Alex Kleparek

Abigail Moss

Charles Peterson

Dakota Powell

Sophie Riggs


Alia Rowberry

Ethan Wright

Black Team | Coached by Jason Bromley

Brooke Blaser

Kylie Garrett

Jea Genet

Liam Griffard

Preston Hilton

Jacob Jensen

Laureana Kennedy

Cayden Larsen

Paul McCollaum

Lydia Oakeson

Mallory Olson

Jimmy Page

Bryleigh Payne

Hailey Rocknak

Sydney Rue

Kaylee Wright

Red Team | Coached by Claire Quigley

Katie Bell

Landon Fluckiger

Jay Hastings

Myka Hopkin

Nadia Lim

Jonny Mitchell

Daphne Powell

Jacob Richardson

Collin Rocknak

Sawyer Rowberry

Siena Spears

Elijah Webb

Zoe Whiting

Blue Team | Coached by Jack Nelson

Grant Aanderud

Rebecca Affleck

Romni Allen

Eli Brandt

Eponine Celaya

Adam Frasier

Caleb Griffard

Ammon Jones

McKenzie Jones

Charlie Miller

Stella Moss

Emilie Mower

Jaylene Ortiz

Teal Team | Coached by Robert Seely

Maximillien Buxton

Maddox Dreyer

Anna Ellsworth

Taylor Fawcett

Anden Goit

Amelia Greenwood

Macy Hanks

Cabrie Jensen

Eden Jones

Isaac Lott

Lanie Mower

Jessie Olsen

Claire Poulson

Breton Sego

Kara Wangsgaard

Ammon Zaugg

Green Team | Coached by Shanalee Giles

Joslyn Anderson

Cleo Clark

Alex Elggren

Scarlet Farnsworth

Carson Ferris

Layla Higgins

Avery Johnson

Zander Lewis

Stella Magonigal

Ivy Mower

Walker Ogden

Desmond Weichers

Zach Wilhelmsen

Kimberly Wright

Purple Team | Coach by Becca Livingston

Ruby Ballard

Benjamin Bird

Natalie Cardon

Ayshalyn Celaya

Samuel Harrison

Caleb Hilton

Cynthia Jackson

Mari Sakaguchi

Russell Storm

Katie Wakefield

Alexander Wright

Orange Team | Coach by Alex Brown

Rebecca Blake

Cambri Burgon

Ashlee Burningham

Andrew Buskirk

Kyra Colledge

Lexi Genet

Brigham Hilton

Rory Iverson

Halle Jo Jensen

Kade Judy

Taylor Larsen

Caden Pace

Brenden Perona

Collin Pringle



REMIX FOUNDER | McKay Crockett

CAMP DIRECTOR | Carson Trautman

EVENT DIRECTOR | Melissa Munoz

MUSIC DIRECTOR | Jonathan Meyers

COORDINATOR | Caitlin Black




Eliza Summerhays & Janae Klumpp


Christian Affleck

Jason Bromley

Alex Brown

Shanalee Giles

Becca Livingston

Jack Nelson

Claire Quigley

Robert Seely


Ethan Arkell

Jensen Diederich

Hadley Jarvis

Abbie Jones

Ellie Jones

Kassie Sanders

Sterling Stowell

Josh Thorne


ReMix Vocal Academy is a one-of-a-kind vocal camp designed to teach and inspire talented singers to further reach their potential in contemporary vocal music. Inspired by the experience in the heart of Hollywood while participating on NBC’s The Sing-Off, ReMix was founded by members and directors of BYU Vocal Point,with the vision of providing an intensive vocal and performance experience to singers wanting to take their talent to the next level.

Each ReMix participant was accepted into the camp only after going through the audition process. This week they have put in hours of work, rehearsing and polishing their pieces to perfection. In addition to the music you’ll hear tonight, this cast of singers has attended workshops on many subjects ranging from beat boxing and proper auditioning techniques to stage presence and live recording skills. They’ve been trained by the pros, learning just how far they can stretch their vocal talents.


What is A Cappella? Translated it means, “as in the chapel,” and comes from the days when people would sing in a church with no instruments. Evolving into folk sirituals, barbershop, and pop styles, contemporary A Cappella has become a popular musical genre of its own, covering a variety of pop and classical music. That’s one of the strengths of A Cappella, its only limit is the human voice.

So why does ReMix use A Cappella? Simply put, A Cappella is where the training wheels come off. All-vocal music trains singers to listen and blend like nothing else. A Cappella music teaches singers to rely on themselves instead of depending on or hiding behind instruments. The A Cappella experience is all-encompassing. This is why participants at ReMix have taken their voices to the next level.


Lorelie Sander of BYU Conferences & Workshops

Becca Bangerter of BYU Conferences & Workshops
Jen Cordon of BYU Conference Center

Brigham Young University

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